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For Kenny & Doreen

Had a real busy day's the day whereby Keith and I had to execute a birthday celebration plan for Kenny and Doreen. After much planning for several days including recce and shopping outings to a few locations, we finally decided that Mt. Emily park was the spot. The 2 were to have dinner at Wild Rocket which was not far away at Hang Out hotel while Keith and I preped the spot up in the park and after their dinner, it would be the surprise for the girl of course.

Headed out to Ikea Tampines in the late evening to get some decorative items. Fortunatly it wasn't as packed as I thought it would be but it was really huge. Then back to home to retrieve my camera and for a short break before hopping on to my bike and sped all the way down to Mohd Sultan where Canele was. I have a habit of using Canele's cakes for distinctive and special occasions, such as Fiona's birthday which was sometime last month. After getting the cake, it was a mad rush down to the florist to collect the roses that was to be used for decor as well.

Finally with 30 mins to spare, I rushed down to the park to meet up with Keith who had the present, bouquet of flowers, and other decorative items. Now Kenny if you're reading this, take note, I had to go through 2 ERP gantries that were in operation and my IU ain't working, so when the summons come.......

So the setup begains, battling with irritating ants and wet surfaces, we positioned everything and as with every event, operations, whatsoever, it was time to wait. When the main stars arrived, it was a mad dash to get all the sparklers lit up, music switched on and with a quick kick on the lampost nearby so as to momentarily switch the lights off. All that for the first few minutes of "Wow" effect. Thank goodness it was quite successful as "she" and "he" liked it and everything went ok. Think we can start a business....anyone interested in investing?

Where'd You Go


It sucks to know that the new cohort is starting and new cadets are going to come in...which means it's back to work again. Worse still knowing the fact that I still have 8 more months to go before my ORD date. Right now, the time doesn't even seem to be moving.

Honestly speaking, I've had enough...I'ld rather be back studying or working. NS life is simply too boring, mundane, and worse of all I'm sick and tired of all the cock ups. Thats also exactly why I don't really have much to blog about...what can I blog about? Everyday army life? Thats a big no no'll never know when you'll get charged for posting the wrong things. So I guess until I ORD, this blog will just be as boring as my life now. In a way it's really reflecting accurately.....

I'm currently uploading the photos from my HongKong / Macau was fun but abit expensive. Now I have to struggle between my credit card bills and bike expenses. SAF allowance just ain't ENOUGH~!

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