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Sheer Driving Pleasure

Waaaaah.....damn nice lah~! Ok, most of you out there know how much I dislike hatchbacks but I think this is different....I'm gonna take back all the nasty things I've said about hatchbacks. Work hard I spend the money on this I must... Hopefully I can afford one when I come back from the Swiss alps...

Oh and check this shit out...courtesy of Mr Kenny...oh yes turn up your speakers please.


What's home to you?

National Day Parade 2007 ~!!!
Bidding for NDP 2007 tickets begins on May 19 and ends May 28

To apply via the telephone, the number to call is 1900 112 4242 to apply for tickets to NDP Preview 2007 and 1900 112 4243 for tickets to NDP on Aug 9, 2007.

To apply via SMS, send a text message beginning with "NDP" for the actual parade or "PREVIEW" for the preview show and NRIC number to 42422 for two tickets, 42424 for four tickets, and 42426 for six tickets.

Tickets are not given on a first come, first served basis.


Ok that's it...I'm getting myself these.....time to burn some $$$

Anyway it's time to register for that GST payout the government is gonna give out. Which reminds me I need to pay off my bike installments using that money which is exactly handy now. Have you registered yet?

Nouvelle Vague Live @ Zouk

Was at Zouk on saturday after dinner with my family. With Mao, Weiming and Heng, there was this event "Very Pampered" by Spa Esprit featuring a live performance by Nouvelle Vague a group known for their bossa nova versions of 1980 new wave hits. Saw the mailer in the afternoon in camp on friday but deleted it so I should probably thank Valerie from Earz for being so kind to give me the invite. Anyway Zouk was way too packed...lots of jostling and fighting for space and finally after a long wait, the performance started. I must say it was awesome....oh yes so were the Ben's & Jerry's Ice-cream with Chivas....ROCK!!!

Devil may care......


Oh yes I'm MindFreaked!!!

I think I should get shot at for this....

You know your life is in shit state when:

-You wake up in the morning wondering why the heck are you going back to camp at this ridiculous hour.

-You go back to camp to do(Sai Kang), eat, sleep, swim and stare into space thats all.

-You stare at the roster and discover that you have to do 2 guard duties this month.

-Damn! You have to be at a Parade tomorrow.

-Your ORD Countdown counter stays pretty much the same, the numbers ain't moving much.

-Everyone else is ORDing except you.

-Outside army life, everyone around you seems to be getting married and you're still single. (Those red coloured mini-bombs keep appearing in your letterbox.)

-Everyone else has a full time job or is studying but you're still in the army.

-Your $$ is depleting and despite how you try to cut down on partying, eating and shopping, there just ain't enough $$ to last.

-Your credit card bill decides to appear all of a sudden to bring you back to reality.

-You're typing something similar to this whole load of shit in your own blog. :)

Bang !!!


A hiccup is an involuntary spasm of the diaphragm; typically this repeats several times a minute. The sudden rush of air into the lungs causes the epiglottis to close, creating the "hic" noise. A bout of hiccups generally resolves itself without intervention, although many home remedies are in circulation that claim to shorten the duration, and medication is occasionally necessary.

What the heck I had those hiccups since early throat's pretty sore now....and I'm still at it. Everyone tried to help this afternoon with many suggestions but somehow the hiccups didn't go away. Except for one...a temporary solution though...LTA Raymond asked in chinese if I had eaten....I replied yes I've eaten...don't ask me why and how but somehow it did work...but only for a while. Better than nothing!

Well if you think my hiccups are long, check this out...according to, rare and prolonged cases of hiccups include a man named Charles Osborne who had the hiccups for 68 years, and in January 2007, a St. Petersburg Florida USA girl, Jennifer Mee, contracted hiccups for almost 6 weeks.

Here are some of the suggestions for curing hiccups:

- Making out
- Sudden shock or alarm. The resulting adrenaline rush will usually cure hiccups;
a common cure is to suddenly startle or shout at the sufferer - this only works
if they have no idea it's coming.
- For some, throwing up or vomiting the contents in one's stomach.
- By simply waiting until the hiccups subside. (HELL NO~!)
- Breathing into a bag or container....something like curing hyperventilation. (
(Gonna try this).

羅志祥 - 自我催眠

YEah...if only I can set myself into a trance-like state and hibernate till I ORD. I know thats like damn lame but who cares?

On the way to ORD
Ready to ORD
Dying to ORD

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