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Tibute to 7 times World Champion, Happy Retirement Michael~!

As taken from one of the reviews...

Sunday Brunch @ Graze
"Was there for the Sunday Brunch. Well Graze or rather, One Rochester ain't really hard to find but if you're taking the public transport, it can be a tad tiring to walk there from Bouna Vista MRT station. Parking was ample given the carpark right at the entrance to One Rochester however if it's full, fret not, you can park at the multi-story HDB carpark. Lazy, there's valet parking right at the entrance of the restaurant Ming Jiang.Standing right at the steps next to the zen like sign board, Graze seems quiet. Just an old british colonial bungalow standing on its own but head down the stairs and move straight on, you'll see the huge screen with black and white movies playing as well as plush sofas. The next scene that greets you would be the little man-made stream, bamboos and lost of happy people sipping champagne and wolfing down their food.

Once seated, the first thing one would notice would be a bottle of Graze's homemade honey which I later found out was really nice! Next they'll serve you the usual skyjuice just that if you take note, there's a hint of strawberry in the water....yes, there's a huge strawberry in the jugs they use, not your usual lemon. Food wise, I had the traditional eggs benedict and I must say they looked good. It came with lots of hollandaise sauce which was lip smacking good, 2 wholesome eggs poached to perfection, ham, muffins and some healthy greens. Of course, there were alot more to try which I intend to go back for such as their Banana pancakes and omelettes.Service was not bad, not exactly friendly but our waiter was observant enough to notice that I had a knife missing and immediately replaced one without asking and that I liked. Price wise, it wasn't too expensive, an omelette comes to around $16 and an iced-latte is around $8 not inclusive of taxes. If you order champagne and the other jing-bang of course you'll have to pay more. To me, the price was affordable, atmosphere was great and though the place is abit small, it's really a nice place for a lazy sunday afternoon. "


Went down to Ah Piow's....finally payday's here, managed to get most of the stuff on my bike fixed. Replaced my worn out tyre with a new Bridgestone Battlax, seems odd that my front's still using Dunlop but it doesn't matter alot, I ain't going racing. Fixed that "creaking" sound on my rear suspension. Turns out it was just a little piece of metel from the chainguard that's scraping on the Proarm whenever I go over humps, hence the sound. As for the lights, Ah Piow replaced part of the wiring, hopefully my light will stay working. Not a very nice experience to have the TP ride up close to you to tell you to switch your headlights on. Yes, it happened a few days ago on PIE, I just acted blur and pretended that the bulb fused....heh thank goodness no summons.

Talking about that, I just got 2 summons....for pretty dumb reasons, forgot to renew my season parking, now I've gotta pay $8 for that and another for going through the ERP gantry without a cash card in the IU unit and thats for $8.25. What the hell, yeah $16.25 is little, but I can get a full tank of petrol for that~! Now what's left is my cranky speedometer which now refuses to go above 80km/h again which I should be fixing next month together with the normal servicing.

Halloween Fun Theme Photoshoot

Here's a little advert to help Stevie promote his photoshoot, if interested, just tag me and I'll get you in contact with him.

Sunday Brunch~!

Sunday Brunch 081006

Graze @ One Rochester

10AM, Smart Casual


Miraculously while on my way to work today, I realised speedometer's working again~! Hahahah was travelling at 100km/hr on the expressway and suddenly I saw the needle shot up to 100. Previously it would stay at 40km/h thats all! Well that'll save me some money on repairs.

On other things, tonight is the Coronation for the Miss Earth Singapore Pagent, wonder how did my friend did. Hopefully she'll win or at least get top 3 :P For those interested to find out more about this pagent, click here. Speaking about pagents, reminds me about models....Lately I've been mixing around with them quite a bit, most of the time during photo shoots. Not that I haven't in the past when I was doing events but it's just that back then everyone's usually so busy that there ain't time to chat and my impression of them were that they usually stick to themselves, quiet, protective about themselves and can be quite materialistic. However, I was wrong....they are infact a bunch of really nice and friendly people thats as long as you're not a pervert. Honestly like what Stevie said, those perverts really give us photographers a bad name, they appear at all sorts of events and start taking photos usually with their handphones. Some are even old ah can't really stop them can you? I'm not saying those using handphones, ah peks are all perverts.....I'm sure you know one when you see one.

Anyway I'm still learning how to take portraits and still fiddling with my D70, though I'm not new to photography, I've never been very good with they say practice makes perfect. Do check out this Nikon Stunning Gallery, lots of nice photos.


Gonna be broke next month again, having a bike = having another burden. Yes there is convinence, certain levels of comfort and most importantly it saves time but there are costs to it. Look at the list of stuff I gotta fix or get a new one on top of the usual service:

Pay road tax $40
Pay season parking $25
Pay installment $150
Rear tyre $90
Fix speedometer (God knows how much for a new one... above $100)
Fix headlamps $5/bulb (All blown~!)

+ Normal servicing~! $$$ (Depends what needs to be done)

"Sigh.......NS Pay No Enuff~!"

More... that I have so much more free time, shall promise more updates....

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