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Westone UM1

Finally got my hand on the Westone UM1 from Jaben...Well, I'm a sucker for good earphones and since I have problems with most headphones and earbuds, I'm going for the Westone In-Ear-Monitors. To find out more about them, and if you're interested in getting one, they're selling at $160, yes 160 buckaroos... at Jaben, Adelphi.

Westone UM1 In-Ear-Monitors


Sneak Preview

The contents itself...

Instruction manuals and stuff...

A closer look at the case, it's hard and small though

Small enough for my MP3 player...changing to Ipod soon


Ms. Swan ROCKS~!

Fiat Bravo...Coming soon

*&^#%$@! Blood Test

Finally time for me to do my ORD Medical FFI (Fit for instruction) which includes a dental checkup and blood test. I'm alright with normal pin-prick kinda blood test like those to determine ur blood group but today's to test for any Hepatitis and HIV so the need to draw blood and that I DO NOT like. The last time I did it was mad, they had so much difficulty finding my vein so literally they stabbed the needle in and topoed around causing a significant amount of pain. Well, it was slightly better today....apparently the medic was experienced, having stabbed at least 3 persons already so he was pretty much ready when it was my turn. Everything went well, got the vein the first try but half-way through it went bad....this other medic accidently knocked into the table...I cursed under my breath...the pain shot up through my arm. Now, my arm's really numb and I'm attempting to type using one hand. ARRRRGHH.....

Japs can be ridiculous and yet amazing...

Who says you can't dance to classical music?

Here's more if you like them...


Remembered the days when we were all in secondary school having fun and techno music was at it's peak. Guess how has all that techno changed so far? Somehow I've heard alot of the old Sparks and Canto but hahah haven't been to either. Check out those dance moves and lyrics in this song that has taken over Taiwan by storm.

Wu Bai & China Blue

校園歌喉戰 (Campus Singing Competition - Taiwan)

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