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Geneva Trip ~ More photos

Breakfast Bag

Convoy of Coaches

Vineyards on the way


Arrival @ Geneva

Some statue

Jet d' Eau


Bad mood...

Tested my credit card here, yes it worked...



Geneva SBB Train Station


Oh yes, just to let you know how expensive things are in Switzerland; check this out, Kenny and I paid (pardon the language) 2 Fucking swiss francs just to go pee at the train station's toilets. That works out to be S$1.30 per person. No I didn't take a photo of the toilet because the attendant was there and yes the toilet is very clean but so what?!

Still alive and Kicking

Sorry folks for the time taken for this post. I know it's been sometime but I can't help it. I have been extremely busy with lessons, project meetings and socializing. All the stress from school work is starting to build up and honestly, I'm getting worried. Though it's seems early to be worrying though it's week 3, I should. The first project presentation is due in 3 weeks. As usual, French for me has been half-past-six but compared to others, I'm only slightly better given the fact that I've taken French lessons before nonetheless I still suck at it cos all what I've been taught in the past have been returned back to the previous teachers with interest included.

Health wise, I'm on the way to recovery from a flu and really bad sore throat. All that dry and cold weather together with beer, my body has really taken a beating. Talking about weather, it's fxxxking freezing out there. Temperature's around 3 degrees and dropping with snow predicted tomorrow or the day after. Just opening the balcony door now is enough to freeze my ass off but since I'm still hungry after my cup noodles, I'm heading out with 2 other friends for some burgers. Yes I did had my dinner, a huge plate, somehow am still hungry. Hopefully you guys will see a different Brian when I get back....hopefully bigger in size, thats what all of you wished for isn't it?

Some photos as promised:

More to come...

Greetings from Switzerland!

Bojour!!! Here I am after almost one week of madness. There were alot of problems with my journey to my university here in Leysin, Switzerland. Firstly my baggage was overweight and I had to pay a total of SGD800. Mad right? In the end when I reach Geneva airport, I realised that the SGD800 I've paid for wasn't worth the money at all because out of 3 luggages, only 2 appeared. Apparently one was still in Amsterdam as it was unable to catch up with the flight. Well in the end it did arrive, in the afternoon in my school and yes I am so going to ask KLM to refund me the money.

When I reach the school, goodness, the administration is total bollocks. Everything was so messy and dis-organised and they never cease to amaze me with their incompetence. Wrong time tables given out, wrong rooms and stuff. Academically wise they are ok but administration and infrastructure wise, it's just a pain in the arse. Take the internet for example, everyone's having so much trouble getting online and yet internet is one of the most basic necessities and further more, the school constantly asks us to check our school email everyday. How are we supposed to do that when the internet is so unreliable and SLOW! They should have a look at the queues outside the IT department everyday.

Food wise, well I've been eating combat rations in the army so I'm not too picky. The food's edible but not exactly great friends are having trouble adapting though. View wise is excellent, the mountains, trees, and even a little snow. Yes, snow-capped mountains, and the weather's cold here around 9 degrees and going down even more at night especially when it rains. Will upload some photos soon when the internet decides to allow me to do that.

Work wise, madness...lots of Course Work, Reports, Projects all awaiting. 11 modules all together this semaster....I am so going to die. Trust me, it is tough transiting from a NS-Man back to a student again. Well tomorrow I would be heading down to the village to walk around and hopefully shop abit for some daily necessities and on Saturday to Aigle, the bigger town at the bottom of the mountain. Will take more photos, till the next time I blog again, take care my friends. Au Revoir~!

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