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CNY's's yours? Somehow the government says that the Economy's doing well but I don't quite think so....why? My economy not doing very well, this year's angpow is still pretty miserable!!!

Talking about new year, Jack Neo just realeased his latest New Year movie, Just Follow Law. Honestly I don't quite support local movies not to mention his. I just don't feel that the money I pay is justifiable for the kind of productions that our budding Singaporean producers produce. Hence, I've never watched any of Jack Neo's movie in the cinemas and not to mention on TV. For Just Follow Law, I had the same mentality while standing at The Picturehouse staring at what's available for the night.

Too bad, we had to make a choice between watching Rising Hanibal which was way too late and Just Follow Law which had an earlier slot. I felt that I've really wasted my $$$ after buying the tickets....firstly, it was something I already don't feel like spending money on and worse of all, it had Fann Wong in it which turned me off even more! To me, her acting all along was only mediocre so I didn't really understand what's all that fuss about her and Zoe Tay?!

Just Follow Law in the end proved me wrong. Well, Jack Neo's movies we all know relates to existing problems in our society and though this was another of his shows, it went down well with me. Storyline was pretty good but needs more originality, however the jokes were excellent. The sets were great and most importantly, Fann Wong's acting was a giant leap forward.... Thumbs up for Gurmit Singh as well. In fact this show was so good that I found myself clapping and laughing non-stop. It's time I start supporting local productions...

Its the Lunar New Year again...

1 week left to Chinese Lunar New Year. It's naturally a happy occasion for all given all that new year goodies like red packets, snacks, and most importantly, off days for all. Sometimes I really wonder if anyone else besides me has ever noticed that the way we celebrate the lunar new year has evolved into a somewhat wierd way. I bet our ancestors must be shaking their heads up there.....take our new year songs for example...

Compare this...

and this...

Now I wonder how my lunar new year will be next year when I'm away from home. No crazy shopping at Chinatown, no reunion dinner, no nagging at me to help paint or spring clean the house, no abalone, shark's fin, ba kwa, and Nahbei~! NO RED PACKETS....

Fridays and Monday Blues

It's the long awaited Friday....Over here in my camp, everything slows down on Fridays. You see less emails, probably none sometimes in your inbox, everyone lazing around, nowhere to be found in the office. Head down to the pool or soccer courts and canteen, everyone seems to be there. I guess that happens to almost everywhere. It can be a pain in the ass sometimes when you're trying to rush for deadlines or just trying simply to get things done. Then again, like the saying goes, if you can't beat them, join them hahah. Somehow TCO and I realised that this phenomenon is starting to crossover to thursdays.

Mondays ain't any better. After all that partying on Friday night and Saturday, it's a lazy day on sunday. When it comes to monday, almost everyone's either late for work, sleepy or still suffering from the effects of that Waterfall, Barcardi 151, whole bottle of Whisky or was it that pool of vomit? It doesn't make things better when early in the morning, the boss pops into your office and starts barking....worse still, come up with ridiculous suggestions to problems that are actually not existant. As you drag your arse through the day, it suddenly dawned on you that probably if you could resign? Hell yeah! you would.

Whatever it is, (TGIF). Here's something below that cracks me up whenever I watch it. The essence is to watch it on Fridays...

I is HAPPY & Excited~!

Dear Brian,

Greetings from SHMS, Swiss Hotel Management School!

We have received your enrolment form and are delighted that we can accept you directly into our 3rd year (means 5th term).

We will send you the prov. acceptance letter and you will receive it in the next few days.

Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

Kind regards,

Ms xxxxxxxxxxxxx, Regional Manager
SHMS, Swiss Hotel Management School
260 Orchard Road
#16-01 The Heeren
Singapore 238855

It's been long...

Fwah....a real long time since I last updated.....well can't blame me, military life's to boring and mundane to blog about. Besides, too much classified information.....I don't wanna get charged for posting the wrong thing. Well, 7 months more to go.....with the fact that I would be heading to Brunei and Taiwan once again...thats like 5 months left before I head off to Switzerland and thats if my University confirms my place.

Honestly, I can't wait....not that army sucks but I'm broke. I'm chalking up credit card debts but not to the extend that I can't pay but it ain't gonna be easy. Having a bike is an additional burden given the fact I just spent like half my pay on repairing the bike, the other half getting a full face helmet. Not to mention Valentine's day's coming.....thank goodness my paycheck's coming and not to mention with a bit more this month due to back pay. Lastly thank goodness for Chinese New Year, ang baos should help here and there as well as a little cash for selling away my PSP.

I ain't that desperate for $$ till the fact that I need to get rid of my PSP but I just wasn't fully utilising it. Truth is I ain't a hardcore gamer and I use my PSP more for music and movies so the final verdict is that I made a wrong move buying a PSP...should have gotten myself an Ipod. Well not that bad actually, there was a reprise hahha....Wenxiang was more than willing to exchange his Ipod Nano for my PSP and top me up with some cash. So, it was kinda win-win situation for us. Afterall he needs a PSP while I need an Ipod.......

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