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Switzerland here I come....

Hoooo~!!! I'm leaving tomorrow night....


FIAT Grande Punto

Yeah got the car today....FIAT Grande Punto, quite a nice drive. Looks good especially on the outside and inside both pretty spacious and comfy as well (Styled Guigaro the same guy who designs Maseratis). Drive overall, I'ld say the pick up's quick but slow on the slopes and not much power on the high gear, well after all it's only a 1.4L engine but its still a rev-happy car and it's economical. Filled the tank half and the meter's dropped a tiny bit after going from Ubi to Woodlands, to Orchard, Raffles Place, City Hall and to Dempsey, Toa Payoh and back home in Tampines. A continental car, it comes with all the standards like well insulated cabin (Low wind and road noise). Comes with a Blaupunkt cd-player too which if I'm not wrong, is quite expensive and the interior's really quality. Driving around corners were easy as well given the good grip on the road and the best thing is its safety feature, rated 5-star (NCAP Rating UK).

So we went down to Cafe Amigo for a good dinner and drinks at Dempsey, Kelvin's place, Quarubar. Honestly, Dempsey's a place I wouldn't be to keen to go to without a car but today's a different case. Leaving this Saturday so I'm only having a few more days to drive around and yes I haven't started packing yet.

Photos for today up soon....

Great video showing the interior as well

FIAT Grande Punto "Italian Job Remix"


What does ORD mean to you? If you're a lady it simply doesn't mean much. However, if you're a guy like me, it simply means 2 years of your bittersweet life is over.

ORD = Operationally Ready Date

YES! ORD LOH! Was my last day in camp yesterday, so this post is a tribute to my 2 years in the Armed Forces....from BMT till ORD.

Mov'in On

Enlistment Letter

Falcon Coy 1, Platoon 1, Section 1

SBO, Rifle and Jockey Cap

Route March 24KM

Passing Out Parade

OCS CNY Celebrations, Charlie Wing

Army Half Marathon



Unfortunatly no photo of my Pink IC yet....


Malaysian National Anthem Remix

Apparently this MTV's creator is currently a Malaysian Chinese studying in Taiwan and according to the news, the Malaysian government intends to sue or arrest him well for defamation I guess. BUT I'm sure we all know in our hearts of what is being said in the MTV is true or false :)

Bourne Ultimatum

Another movie to catch...

Happy Birthday Singapore

Split Second

Ok I've been really bored and am watching this TVB drama series online, I know it has been shown on Starhub Cable TV and U Channel but I've only managed to catch the last few episodes so now I'm starting right at the begainning....Anyway Rita Jensen looks really good in that show...

Gone Shopping

There are 2 new local productions that I intend to catch and they're 881 as well as Gone Shopping. Since Shu's blog already has 881's trailer, I'm putting up Gone Shopping. I shall not copy and paste the entire synopsis here but I urge you to visit the official site listed below. I bet it's gonna be quite refreshing to catch Kym Ng in a serious role given her usual comedy style of hosting and acting. As for Adrian Pang, I've liked his shows all the while especially the dedication he puts into every role he takes on. Reviews up after I've watched the show...

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