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Chernobyl is an abandoned city in northern Ukraine, in the Kiev Oblast (province) near the border with Belarus. The city was abandoned in 1986 due to the Chernobyl disaster at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant, which is located 14.5 kilometers (9 miles) north-northwest. Before the accident, the city was inhabited by about 14,000 residents.

Go on to the link below and watch the video as well to have a look at the disaster and World where many may have never seen or spend at least a minute thinking of.


Headed down to Hed Kandi bar ....wanted to chill but in the end it became too boring so off to O Bar we went. Sometimes I wonder if it's age that's catching up with me or just that I have a pretty different kind of mindset these days but somehow I just can't understand why just for a night's out people must get themselves into all sorts of trouble.

Getting drunk ain't an excuse at all to fight or create trouble. Just tonight alone I saw how busy the bouncers were, tackling people, chasing trouble makers out of the bar. Why spoil the night for others and yourself? Someone attempts to dance with your girl? Just tell the other party nicely, "Sorry, she's my girl..." and smile, I don't see why the other party will throw a punch at you. If you're the one hooking up other's girls, then just apologise nicely and move on. Of course, not everyone thinks the same way.

I don't understand as well why people have to get pissed drunk till they lie flat on the ground and in the end it's the friends that have to suffer from the vomit, from the nonsense and worse still send the drunkard home. Worse still, some can simply just sit on the ground and start crying and screaming their lungs out. Who suffers again? It's the friends...all the stupid cajoling and so much sweet talk, in the end whatever relationship or problems still do not get solved...back to square one when you wake up the next day isn't it.

Don't drink if we can't hold our liquor well and go easy on our kidneys....

Do what?????

Think I've gotta plan out my time properly. I've got like 4 months to go before ORD and for those that would like to know, I'll be leaving Singapore on the 1st of September for my KLM flight to Geneva at night. Honestly I haven't got an absolute clear idea what the heck to pack, what to bring and when I should start packing. I only know I need to get new business wear which includes tons of shirts, pants as well as a new suit and shoes. Worse of all, I need winter clothing.....and not to mention my traveling gear like trekking poles and stuff...and many thanks to Siyun for telling me what to expect there. Yeah you heard me right, I ain't giving those mountains a miss, so it's time to train up while I'm still in Singapore.

Speaking of training up, my fitness is shit....I doubt I can run that fast anymore, it's good time to start worrying about IPPT and I have to aim for a gold by next month which is ridiculous by my standards now. Too much rest and too little workout...but I just dislike running now, the pain and all, swimming is much better, well at least better for my condition.

I've got to start studying as well, after such a long time in the Army, I think I can strip and assemble a rifle faster than opening a bottle of wine. Looks like it's gonna be a busy 4mths...


There goes my faithful Honda for the past half year since I took ownership of it from 14sep 2005. Well if not for my 2 overseas trip and the fact that I'll be leaving Singapore in August, I'ld probably keep it. It's my first bike anyway so if feels funny now that I'm without a transport, somehow I felt sad while walking out of the bike shop earlier on. Made myself a promise, "It won't be my first and last bike."

So long my friend, thank you for bringing me around. May you find a better if not as good owner as I am.

On to other things, was looking at Blinkymummy's blog earlier on, was damn inspired by her to quit smoking! Especially her own funny version of the anti-smoking ad that's been playing on the TV these days....Basket! If she can stop smoking for 10 months already, I should be able to~! Screw it, I'm gonna try quitting now.....guys, help screw me if you see me lighting up!

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